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Assorted Mini Cheesecake bites (small- $55 Large $90)

Creamy, sweet & delicious chocolate, macadamia nut, blueberry Cherry, hazelnut praline and kiwi mandarin orange


Variety Cup Cakes  ( $2.50 each)

Vanilla, chocolate, red velvet,  jelly roll, peanut butter and Lemon


Grand Cru Petit Fours  ( $90 )

A Delectable Assortment of Petit-four; Chocolate Cake, Mocha Filling, Chocolate Frosting & White Drizzle; White Cake, Strawberry Filling, White frosting and Red Drizzle and our Rainbow Layers, Red  Yellow and Green Cake, Raspberry Fillings Chocolate Frosting and White Drizzle


Assorted Cookie and Brownie Platter  (Small-$55 Large- $90)

A Chocolate Cookie filled with vanilla cream and chocolate hazelnut cream, short pastry cookie topped with apricot marmalade, chocolate & Vanilla checkered cookies and sugar truffle

Perfect petit fours ( $90 )

Variety brownies and bars – fabulous chocolate, chunk brownie, Pecan chocolate chunks, raspberry Sammie’s, lemon squares, caramel Apple granny, marble cheese truffles


Assorted Mini Tartlet’s (Small-$55 Large- $90)

Lemon meringue, truffle, Pecan, Almond, tiramisu and crème Brulee



Straqberry Dipped Chocolate ( $80  (45pcs))

Delicious Strawberries dipped in your choice of Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate, white chocolate of combination


Sliced Cake Variety ( $3.50 each)

Having in our cakes



Assorted miniature pastries (Small-$55 Large-$90)

Black forest brownie barquettes, tutti fruitti, rhum balls, apple cobbler, Cranberry tartlet, apricot dream, grand marnier, pecan pies


Assorted chocolate pralines ( Small-$80 Large-$140)

Creamy & Satisfying Traditional Caramel Flans and Coconut Flank Chocolate, Raspberry Mousse, pistachio, peanut butter and hazelnut



We also carry carrot cakes, New York Style Cheesecake, and French Apple Tarts with 48 hour notice we can customize your cakes for birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion.

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